Antique and Classic wooden boats

April 13th, 2011

Antique boat – it’s not just the court. This is an exciting stories, adventures abound. This is a unique style and architecture. This is a luxury to give its owner a special, exceptional status.

Basically, all the “curiosities”, built in the last century, now restored. Yachts are equipped with modern equipment, and their degree of comfort will satisfy even very demanding person. And, importantly, the yacht is quite reliable for sea travel.

These words may well be attributed to the yacht Mariette, year of construction of which dates back to 1915. The second yacht was born in the Italian town of La Spezia and technical characteristics to the yachts in their class now issued much later. For example, in 2007.

In the years 1916-1927 Mariette took an active part of exciting racing. During the Second World War, carrying the watch off the coast of the United States, hunting down German submarines, and I must say much has succeeded in doing so. But in peacetime, shuttled between the Bahamas and Jamaica.

In 2001, the yacht has undergone a thorough restoration. All aluminum and bronze items have been fully restored – they were made to order in England.

Revived yacht has proved that its too early to write off some accounts. She has participated in several prestigious races – Prada Challenge Classic Yacht and Atlantic Challenge.

German yacht Skagerrak, built in 1939, was considered at one time one of the most beautiful and fast. After Germany’s defeat, it was confiscated and taken to England. There she has served the Royal Navy, until it was sold to a private owner. More recently, Skagerrak also undergone a thorough restoration in Italy.

1903 – year of birth Yacht Moonbeam III. For many years the yacht has repeatedly passed from hand to hand. Thoroughly furrow Atlantic and Baltic Sea. One time was attributed to the Royal Yacht – club on the Thames, and in recent years, it often sees in the French Riviera.
Moonbeam III

Moonbeam III was restored in England, in the shipyards, who remember a short visit to the famous “Polar Star”, which belonged to the Russian imperial family. It was on this yacht in 1894, heir to the throne Nikolai Aleksandrovich set sail to meet his bride – Princess Alice of Hesse – Darmstadt.

Each yacht has its own unique history, which you can write a book if not, it really just an essay.
Antique and Classic wooden boats and yachts

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