Yachts and luxury cars Pictures

February 22nd, 2011

The yacht is as luxurious means of travel on the water element, the rich of this world, now inseparably associated with wheeled vehicles. After all, the owner and guests have to like that get to the ships moored in the harbor. And for obvious reasons, people can not just sit in a taxi and arrive at the port of departure. In addition to owners of yachts and luxury motor boats not least as to what they will be met. In this article we look at the photographs, what’s hot cars from owners of expensive yachts. Let’s see how they have a sense of style and practicality. To the image need not be discriminated against, they are shown only as an example of how this can be in life. Read more…

Cigarette 46 Concept boat

February 2nd, 2011

Another masterpiece of shipbuilders from Miami is a classic for
Cigarette bottom three-tier models, providing the optimal angle
attack to achieve the highest dynamic performance. The hull and deck 46 ‘Concept made of fiberglass and balsa, and the bulkheads are made of material Deckalite, in which lightness combined with high strength. Front of the cockpit occupied by removable anatomic seat with developed lateral support. The boat is equipped with four 12-inch display, two computer systems, sensors, and laser equipment, and even infrared night vision system. Cigarette Boat 46 ‘Concept can be controlled with the pilot’s seat, and with the position
navigator, which is typical of racing models. Between the dashboard
is the door to the cabin, fitted with a remote hydraulic. The nose of the hull is V-shaped bed, and from other furniture in the domestic indoor boat has two sofas. In the configuration presented a stereo AM / FM with CD-player (there is a remote control
from the cockpit) and DVD-screen, as well as a toilet with a porcelain finish. Read more…

Strand Craft 166 Superyacht by Gray Design

January 23rd, 2011

Strand Craft 166 is a bright and very interesting design project megayachts. The whole concept originated from the automotive topics, in the center of which is a concept supercar. Stood in the style of car, boat building has a dynamic streamlined profile and smooth surfaces and lines. In the stern of the yacht is equipped with a garage-box for the car.
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Yacht design sketches, gallery 1

January 13th, 2011

Mega Yacht A Hamilton. Design by Philippe Starck.

December 14th, 2010

Incredible and impressive mega-yacht of the new generation is a one-letter name of A. belongs to the fantastic Nautilus Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko. The design of mega yachts, one can see the interference of the design and engineering genius. Headed the development of style and design, the legendary talented industrial designer Philippe Starck. Proposed design of the ship resembles a military submarine. Because of the unusual shape, the yacht made a splash in the world press, it has repeatedly called the most ugly and unprepossessing in the world. Much of the design resembles the military court or the stealth cruiser. According to Andrei Melnichenko and his wife, Serbian supermodel Aleksandra Nikolic, the mission of the mega yachts in the broken record of the cost and size to the largest mega yachts in the world. Its unique form of benefit apart from the competition, a mega yacht Pelorus, Roman Abramovich, the owner of which, on this occasion, ordered a new giant mega yacht Eclipse. Read more…